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Diamond polishing pads can be applied to granite marble and various stone slabs, countertops polishing, which is normally handwork grind-material, fix mainly in portable water polisher also use in angle polisher, and sometimes used in automatic polishing machines.


Diamond polishing pads also can be applied to stone, concrete, ceramic floor polishing, fix mainly in floor polishing machines to polish or shine different floor for restoration or maintenance.


Wet use Diamond Polishing Pads are generally ideal for polishing stone concrete and ceramic on most sites. Dry diamond polishing pads are used on job sites for polishing marble and granite, nowadays dry pads is more and more popular for stone or concrete floor polishing without water or with very less water.


We offer a wide line of diamond polishing pads for different applications.


Our Diamond Polishing Pads: Not cheapest, but high Ratio of Performance to Price!



Catalogue Download: Diamond Polishing Pads (Version 2010, PDF format).



We are supplying high quality Diamond Tools in China, specially for the stone (Granite, Marble) working industry. "ChinaDiamant" is one reliable Brand of Stone Cutting, Polishing, Grinding Tools in China, also we have good experiences in the Concrete, Asphalt, Ceramic cutting & polishing tools of construction field.


Promotion Products: 

4" Wet Polishing Pads

Thickness: 3.0mm

Standard Shape

8pcs/set, Grit: #50-Buff

Quality Guaranteed!


4" Dry Polishing Pads

4" Dry Polishing Pads

Thickness: 2.1mm

Surface Hexagram Shape

8pcs/set, Grit: #50-Buff

Quality Guaranteed!

USD3.35/pc, USD26.00/set

4" 5-Step Polishing Pads

Thickness: 3.0mm

Standard Shape, Wet Use

5pcs/set, Grit: #50-Buff

Quality Guaranteed!


60mm Resin Grinding Wheel

For Concrete Polishing

Height: 12mm,6-Dot Shape

Grit: #50-#3000

Quality Guaranteed!



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Regular Products:

4" Dry Polishing Pads













1. Standard Wet Polishing Pads

2. Hex Dry Polishing Pads

3. Wet Polishing Buff

4. Sunny Pads for Concrete or Hard Stone

5. 3"/4" Floor Polishing Pads


6. 6-Dot 60mm Concrete Grinding Wheel

7. 5-Step Quick Polishing Pads

8. Convex Polishing Pads

9. L140 Resin Bond Fickert

10. Pad's Rubber Backer



Production Equipments



Common Knowledge:

  1. Granite Polishing, Brings Out The Beauty Of The Stone
2. Granite Polishing Diamond Pads Make your Floor Shine
3. Different Types Floor Polishing Pads For Different Uses
4. Marble Polishing Tips
5. Polishing And Edging Granite
6. Ceramic polishing-Shinier Ceramics
7. Marble Polishing Pads Does It for You
8. What is a Pad Backer?
9. How to Polish Concrete Floor?





Products Category

  Hand Polishing Pads - Wet Use

    Standard Shape

    Straight Turbo Shape

    Radial Shape

    Spiral Turbo Shape

    Standard Shape(White)

    Buff Black & White


  Hand Polishing Pads -Dry Use

    Hex Shape

    Triangle Shape

    Rectangular Shape

    Standard Shape - for Concrete

    Sunny Pads - for Stone/Concrete

    Hex Shape(White)


  Floor Polishing Pads

    3" Pad - Round Shape 1

    3" Pad - Round Shape 2

    3" Pad - Round Shape 3

    3.5" Pad - Round Shape

    3"/4" Pad - Round Shape 1

    3"/4" Pad - Round Shape 2

    3"/4" Pad Round - Metal Bond

    Banana Shape, 135/175mm

    Hoof Shape, 70mm/90mm

    Fanlike Shape, 47x95x95mm

    Round Normal Shape, 7"

    Polishing Disc, 6"/7"/8"/10"

    Polishing Ring, /9"

    Triangle Shape - Dry Use

    6 Dots Shape, Dry Use

    4 Pies Shape, Dry Use

    HTC Polishing Pad, Resin

    Round Shape 5 Pies - Ceramic


  Edge Polishing Pads

    Straight Turbo Shape, 4"

    Honeycomb Shape, 5"

    Bevel Edge Polishing Pads


  Other Polishing Pads

    5 Steps Polishing Pads

    Convex Polishing Pads

    Metal Bond Polishing Pads

    Electroplated Polishing Pads

    Polishing Belt

    Polishing Drum

    Polishing Wheel 5"/6"

    Resin Fickert L160

    Resin Fickert L140


  Pad's Backer

    Rubber Backer

    Aluminum Backer

    Plastic Backer

    Snail Lock Backer




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