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Floor Grinding Pad - Redi Lock - 2 Bar Segments


Usually used on Husqvarna Grinding Machines


Designed specifically for Concrete floor restoration professional, for quick removal of any materials.


Single or double Bar segments with soft, medium, or hard bond for different hardness concrete.


The bar segment is ideal for removing heavy coating. It is extremely aggressive leaving and deep to medium scratch pattern.


Single Segment Type


Better grinding speed but less life.

Suitable for such Redi Lock Diamond Holder Disc


Code No. Segment Size Segment No. Grit No. Base Specification
CD-DPP-F-C11-1 40x10x10mm 2 #6, #18, #25, #30, #40, #60, #80, #100, #120, #150, #170, #200 Standard Redi-Lock Back
CD-DPP-F-C11-2 40x10x10mm 1


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