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4"(100mm) 5 Step Diamond Polishing Pads



Grit No.

Quantity/set Thickness

50#-3000#, Buff



Grit Nos.: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Code No.: CD-DPP-O-01-02


Promotion Price for new Customers:


USD22.00/set(wet use),


Quality Guaranteed!


Minimum order : 10sets



Designed for grinding and polishing stone in short time.


Wet Use, Standard Shape


5-Step Diamond Polishing Pads for stone are an efficient and cost effective way for polishing countertops and slabs with polishers. They save time and cost less compared to traditional 8-step pads.


There is no need to use a Final Polishing disc. Works on all natural and engineered stone. A significant time savings of 25 – 35% can be achieved using this system. It is important not to mix this system with normal diamond polishing pads, as the grits will not coincide, therefore defeating the step savings.

Use under 4000 RPM.


The Above Products are not available from Store, the production needs about 10-15 days on receipt of order Confirmation.


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